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Guiding Services

Robert Tomes

"Whether you're an experienced or novice fly fisher, anyone who dreams of catching muskie on the fly  would do themselves a huge favor by booking a day or more with The Pond Monster, AKA Don Larson. Having shared many great days on the water with Don over the years, I can honestly say he is without a doubt one of most consistently successful and competent guides I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. He is also a man of great patience and determination making him an excellent teacher of his craft for those that are new to this exciting sport. For a memorable day in the beautiful Northwood's of Wisconsin chasing elusive muskie and trophy smallmouth bass I highly recommend giving The Pond Monster a call.

Robert Tomes
Fly Fishing Expert and author of Muskie on the Fly

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Fly fishing for Muskies is very personal.  The multitude of choices that must be made…..

Type of fly line, color and type of fly, the location to fish and to cast, and the speed of the retrieve.  Then, if you have made all of the proper decisions and endured the wind, current and other problems, you (by yourself) get to enjoy hand to hand combat with an adversary that is truly in harmony with it’s world.

If you have done all of these things you to  hold a beautiful wild Muskie for a brief 30 seconds.  Get a picture that will last a lifetime, then release this Muskie to make more little Muskies that will grow up and become smarter and more difficult to catch.  Yes this is personal.

The Pond Monster


Smallmouth bass are truly remarkable. 

The Pond Monster had a tied a new fly in summer of 2008 & it needed to be checked out.  A sunny hot summer day, a relatively short cast to assess its predator appeal.  The fly hit the water and was given one strip on the fly line, two 35” Muskies shot to the fly to inspect it for themselves.  Immediately, a 21” bass muscled them out of the way and took the fly.

That is a smallmouth bass and the pond monster dearly loves to catch big Smallies.