That 10" smallmouth that I just ate was just what I needed, but you always have room for dessert.  Heard there were some really nice plump purple dace migrating from the creek into the open water.  So here I am sitting in the slight current, looking up.  What are those things above the water, sure do move fast up there.  If I ever get a chance sure will grab one, just to check it out you know.  Back when I was a 32"er, caught me a redwing black bird up in the cattails.  Sure was satisfying, but kinda scratched on the way out if you know what I mean.  

A "Splat" to my right, gotta go check it out.  Nothing there, now another "Splat," but to my left.  Across the creek, I can make that 25' in less than a half second.  Man it's gone.  A major migration of dace happening right up the creek so to speak.  This one will not get away.  Got it, or maybe it's got me.  Stuck in the corner of my mouth, can't swallow it, can't spit it out.  Gotta go deep, find some cover down on the bottom, but it turns me around.  Maybe go upstream, again it turns me around.  This cannot be happening.  Grab a little dace and all of a sudden getting pulled around like a punk northern.  One more run in me, but can't make it.  Getting pulled towards this big green floating thing, maybe I can get under it.  Nope, now I'm hung up in a bag or something.

Out of the bag, laying on the bottom of the green thing.  Trying to figure out what just happened.  Okay, Ill lay still while you take that picture.  Get my good side.  Now it wants the dace back, no way.  Can't believe the fool put his finger and thumb down there close enough for me to take a chunk out of them.  Type O, high in protein, not a bad lunch after all.  My mouth gets forced open, and the dace is removed.

Now I'm back in the cold water, and the bloody hand is swishing me back and forth gently in the current.  10, 9, 8... 3, 2, 1 I'm outta here. 

Man feels good to be back in the water, even if it is 47 degrees.

Pond Monster we will meet again.

Happy Halloween

4PM, getting pretty dark now.  Water is definitely getting cold, 47 degrees right now, but I've been in colder.


Halloween Musky